Exponential technologies are creating a new and exponential business environment.

Company growth used to be linear and predictable, with past trends largely predicting future success. Today, companies with a unique set of attributes are driving exponential growth and competition in every industry sector as key examples for the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Improving the world by transforming established businesses into a community of purpose-driven and exponential organizations

ExOxo is a unique corporate transformation agency based on the best-selling book “Exponential Organizations”. The book’s author Yuri van Geest and partners have global experience to drive lasting change.


  • Cascading ExO thinking and action across the entire organization
    • Customized digital ExO training modules and offline solutions
  • Disrupting the classic consulting and training business models with;
    • Focus on emotional impact, leading to change
    • ExO theory, practice and institutionalization
    • Skin in the game (performance based fees)
    • No consulting lock-in (empowering internal coaches)
  • Embedded in both Silicon Valley as well as China startup culture
  • Only senior professionals with 20+ years of experience enter your organization, no juniors